Database of Zeolite Structures

Framework Type ANA
Type Material
  Material Name: Analcime    
Chemical Formula§:
|Na+16 (H2O)16| [Al16Si32 O96]-ANA
Unit Cell§:

 I a -3 d (# 230)
    a' = 13.7300Å b' = 13.7300Å c' = 13.7300Å  
    α' = 90.000 ° β' = 90.000° γ' = 90.000°  
Framework density:
18.5 T/1000 Å3
irregular channels formed by highly distorted 8-rings
  Sorption (molecular cross section > 3.4Å): 0-dimensional
  Topological (pore opening > 6-ring): 3-dimensional
  § Ferraris, G., Jones, D.W. and Yerkess, J.
   "A neutron diffraction study of the crystal structure of analcime, NaAlSi2O6·H2O"
   Z. Kristallogr., 135, 240-252 (1972)
  Taylor, W.H.
   "The structure of analcite (NaAlSi2O6·H2O)"
   Z. Kristallogr., 74, 1-19 (1930)
  Knowles, C.R., Rinaldi, F.F. and Smith, J.V.
     Indian Mineral., 6, 127- (1965)
Name and Code derivation:
§ Chemical Formula and Unit Cell taken from the reference marked with this sign
Limiting Rings
distorted 8-ring viewed along [110]