Database of Zeolite Structures

Framework Type AFN

  Authors: Parise, J.B.
  Title: Preparation and structure of a gallium phosphate framework enclosing isopropylamine: GaPO4-14
  Reference: Acta Crystallogr., C42, 670-673 (1986)
  Material GaPO-14
  Authors: Broach, R.W., Wilson, S.T. and Kirchner, R.M.
  Title: The synthesis and structures of as-synthesized and calcined AlPO4-14, revealing a three-dimensional channel system with 8-ring pores
  Reference: Proc. 12th Int. Zeolite Conf., III, pp. 1715-1722 (1999)
  Material *AlPO-14
  Authors: Broach, R.W., Wilson, S.T. and Kirchner, R.M.
  Title: Corrected crystallographic tables and figure for as-synthesized AlPO4-14
  Reference: Microporous Mesoporous Mat., 57, 211-214 (2003)
  Material *AlPO-14
  Authors: Shi, L., Li, J.Y., Yu, J.H., Li, Y., Ding, H. and Xu, R.
  Title: (C6N2H14)0.5 MnAl3(PO4)(4)(H2O)(2): a manganese(II)-substituted aluminophosphate with AFN topology
  Reference: Inorg. Chem., 43, 2703-2707 (2004)
  Material MnAPO-14
  Authors: Shi, L., Li, J., Duan, F., Yu, J., Li, Y. and Xu, R.
  Title: [C3N2H12]·[MnAl3P4O17]·[H3O]: a manganese(II)-substituted aluminophosphate with zeotype AFN topology
  Reference: Microporous Mesoporous Mat., 85, 252-259 (2005)
  Material |(C3N2H12)-|[Mn-Al-P-O]-AFN

An asterisk (*) in front of the material name indicates that it is the Type Material