Database of Zeolite Structures

Framework Type MOR

  Authors: Barrer, R.M. and White, E.A.D.
  Title: The hydrothermal chemistry of silicates. Part II. Synthetic crystalline sodium aluminosilicates
  Reference: J. Chem. Soc., , 1561-1571 (1952)
  Material Na-D
  Authors: Koizumi, M. and Roy, R.
  Title: Zeolite studies. I. Synthesis and stability of calcium zeolites
  Reference: J. Geol., 68, 41-53 (1960)
  Material Ca-Q
  Authors: Meier, W.M.
  Title: The crystal structure of mordenite (ptilolite)
  Reference: Z. Kristallogr., 115, 439-450 (1961)
  Material *Mordenite
  Authors: Sand, L.B.
  Title: Synthesis of large-port and small-port mordenites
  Reference: Molecular Sieves, , pp. 71-77 (1968)
  Material Large port mordenite
  Authors: Gramlich, V.
  Title: Untersuchung und Verfeinerung pseudosymmetrischer Strukturen
  Reference: Ph.D. Thesis, ETH, Zürich, Switzerland, , (1971)
  Material Mordenite, USA
  Authors: Fyfe, C.A., Gobbi, G.C., Murphy, W.J., Ozubko, R.S., Slack, D.A.
  Title: Investigation of The Factors Affecting The 29Si MAS NMR Linewidths of Zeolites
  Reference: Chem. Lett., , 1547-1550 (1983)
  Material Mordenite
  Authors: Breck, D.W. and Skeels, G.W.
  Reference: U.S. Patent 4,503,023, , (1985)
  Material LZ-211
  Authors: Kolodziejski, W., Barrie, P.J., He, H., Klinowski, J.
  Title: Two-dimensional J-scaled 29Si NMR COSY of highly siliceous mordenite
  Reference: J. Chem. Soc., Chem. Commun., , 961-962 (1991)
  Material Mordenite
  Authors: Eapen, M.J., Reddy, K.S.N., Joshi, P.N. and Shiralkar, V.P.
  Title: Synthesis of a Gallosilicate Analogue of High Silica, Large Port Mordenite
  Reference: J. Incl. Phenom., 14, 119-129 (1992)
  Material [Ga-Si-O]-MOR
  Authors: Rouse, R.C. and Peacor, D.R.
  Title: Maricopaite, an Unusual Lead Calcium Zeolite with an Interrupted Mordenite-Like Framework and Intrachannel Pb4 Tetrahedral Clusters
  Reference: Am. Mineral., 79, 175-184 (1994)
  Material Maricopaite (interrupted framework)
  Authors: Itabashi, K., Matsumoto, A., Ikeda, T., Kato, M. and Tsutsumi, K.
  Title: Synthesis and characteristic properties of Rb-mordenite
  Reference: Microporous Mesoporous Mat., 101, 57-65 (2007)
  Material RMA-1

An asterisk (*) in front of the material name indicates that it is the Type Material