Database of Zeolite Structures
Framework Type *STO
Cell Parameters: monoclinic P 1 2/m 1 (# 10)
    a = 29.8857 Å b = 8.3897 Å c = 24.7314 Å  
  α = 90.000° β = 105.048° γ = 90.000°  
Volume = 5988.4 Å3  
RDLS = 0.0022  
  Framework density (FDSi): 18.7 T/1000 Å3  
  Topological density: TD10 = 924  
Ring sizes (# T-atoms): 12  6  5  4    
Channel dimensionality: Topological (pore opening > 6-ring): 1-dimensional  
  Maximum diameter of a sphere:  
  that can be included 6.8 Å  
that can diffuse along a:   1.72 Å b:   6.09 Å c:   2.07 Å  
Accessible volume: 9.94   %  
Composite Building Units:
ats (t-oth )
imf (t-imf-7 )
doh (t-doh )
  Chains: dcc
  Chains: nsc
Natural Tiling t-apf t-doh t-imf-7 t-kah t-lov t-mel t-oth t-sto-1
* Disordered Type Material
The Type Material of this Framework Type is disordered. An ordered framwork structure is given here to facilitate the discription, but no bulk material with this stucture is presently known. A brief description of the disorder is given below. For more details see Intergrowth Families (PDF) and/or the original publication.
The asterisk in the code indicates that SSZ-31 is disordered. The most representative polymorph (I) has been selected as the Framework Type.
Framework images
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viewed along [010]

projection of polymorph I along [010]


Year code assigned 2008
Data last updated Mar 25, 2014