Database of Zeolite Structures

Framework Type BIK
    Kocman, V., Gait, R.I. and Rucklidge, J.
The Crystal Structure of Bikitaite, Li[AlSi2O6]·H2O
Am. Mineral., 59, 71-78 (1974)
    Annehed, H. and Fälth, L.
The crystal structure of Cs0.35Al0.35Si2.65O6 a cesium-aluminosilicate with the bikitaite framework
Z. Kristallogr., 166, 301-306 (1984)
  Triclinic bikitaite
    Bissert, G. and Liebau, L.
The crystal structure of a triclinic bikitaite, Li[AlSi2O6]·H2O, with ordered Al/Si distribution
N. Jb. Miner. Mh., , 241-252 (1986)
    Ståhl, K., Kvick, Å. and Ghose, S.
One-dimensional water chain in the zeolite bikitaite: Neutron diffraction study at 13 and 295 K
Zeolites, 9, 303-311 (1989)
  |Li4 (H2O)4|1/2 [Al4Si8O24]1/2-BIK
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