Database of Zeolite Structures

Framework Type MAZ
    Galli, E.
Mazzite, A Zeolite
Cryst. Struct. Comm., 3, 339-344 (1974)
    Galli, E.
Mazzite, A Zeolite
Cryst. Struct. Comm., 3, 339-344 (1974)
    Galli, E.
Crystal structure refinement of mazzite
Rend. Soc. Ital. Mineral. Petrol., 31, 599-612 (1975)
  |(Na2,K2,Ca,Mg)5 (H2O)28 | [Al10Si26O72]-MAZ
    Rubin, M.K., Plank, C.J. and Rosinski, E.J.
Synthesis of zeolite ZSM-4
U.S. Patent 4,021,447, , (1977)
  [Al - Si - O]-MAZ
    Newsam, J.M., Jarman, R.H. and Jacobson, A.J.
Characterisation of Synthetic Gallium Mazzite
Mater. Res. Bull., 20, 125-136 (1985)
    Breck, D.W. and Skeels, G.W.
Silicon substituted zeolite compositions and process for preparing same
U.S. Patent 4,503,023, , (1985)
  [Al - Si - O]-MAZ
  Zeolite Omega, dealuminated
    Klinowski, J., Anderson, M.W.
A High-resolution Solid-state Nuclear-magnetic-resonance Study of the Ordering of Silicon and Aluminum In Synthetic Mazzite (zeolite Omega)
J. Chem. Soc., Faraday Trans., 82, 569-584 (1986)
DOI: 10.1039/f19868200569
  [Si - O]-MAZ
    Martucci, A., Alberti, A., Guzman-Castillo, M.D., Di Renzo, F. and Fajula, F.
Crystal structure of zeolite omega, the synthetic counterpart of the natural zeolite mazzite
Microporous Mesoporous Mat., 63, 33-42 (2003)
    Arletti, R., Galli, E., Vezzalini, G. and Wise, W.S.
Mazzite-Na, a new zeolite from Boron, California: its description and crystal structure
Am. Mineral., 90, 1186-1191 (2005)
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