Database of Zeolite Structures

Framework Type *MRE
Reference Material
  Material Name: ZSM-48    
Chemical Formula:
Unit Cell:§

 I m m a (# 74)
    a' = 8.4000 Å b' = 14.2400 Å c' = 20.1400 Å  
    α' = 90.000° β' = 90.000° γ' = 90.000°  
Framework Density:
19.9 T/1000 Å3
[100] 10 5.6 x 5.6*
  Sorption (molecular cross section > 3.4Å): 1-dimensional
  Topological (pore opening > 6-ring): 1-dimensional
stable to calcination
  Schlenker, J.L. Rohrbaugh, W.J., Chu, P., Valyocsik, E.W. and Kokotailo, G.T.
  "The framework topology of ZSM-48: a high silica zeolite"
Zeolites, 5, 355-358 (1985)
Material name:   ZSM-48, polymorph 6
Chemical formula:   [Si48O96]-*MRE
  § Lobo, R.F. and van Koningsveld, H.
  "New description of the disorder in zeolite ZSM-48"
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 124, 13222-13230 (2002)
Name and Code derivation:
    Zeolite Socony Mobil - forty-eight
  SM-48 (Forty-eight)
§ Chemical Formula and Unit Cell taken from the reference marked with this sign
Limiting Rings
10-ring viewed along [100]