Database of Zeolite Structures

Framework Type ANO

  Authors: Yuhas, B.D., Wilson, K.N., Sylejmani-Rekaliu, M., Mowat, J.P.S., Sinkler, W.
  Title: Crystalline metallophosphates, their method of preparation, and use
  Reference: US Patent, , 10,336,622 B1 (2019)
  Authors: Yuhas, B.D., Wilson, K., Miller, M.A., Sinkler, W., Yu, H. and Mowat, J.P.S.
  Title: AlPO-91: A 16-layer ABC‑6 aluminophosphate with five distinct cage types
  Reference: ACS Materials Lett., 3, 1752-1756 (2021)

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