Database of Zeolite Structures

Framework Type EEI

  Authors: Zanardi, S., Millini, R., Frigerio, F, Belloni, A., Cruciani, G., Bellussi, G., Carati, A., Rizzo, C. and Montanari, E.
  Title: ERS-18: a new member of the NON-EUO-NES zeolite family
  Reference: Microporous Mesoporous Mat., 143, 6-13 (2011)
  Authors: Smeets, S., Xie, D., McCusker, L.B., Baerlocher, Ch., Zones, S.I., Thompson, J.A., Lacheen, H., Huang, H.-M.
  Title: SSZ-45: a molecular sieve with large cavities and small pore openings
  Reference: Chem. Mater., 26, 3909-3913 (2014)

An asterisk (*) in front of the material name indicates that it is the Type Material