Database of Zeolite Structures

Framework Type EMT

  Authors: Kokotailo, G.T. and Ciric, J.
  Title: Synthesis and Structural Features of Zeolite ZSM-3
  Reference: Adv. Chem. Ser., 101, 109-121 (1971)
  Authors: Barrett, M.G. and Vaughan, D.E.W.
  Title: Cesium-or thallium-containing zeolite and its preparation
  Reference: UK Patent, , 2,076,793 A (1981)
  Authors: Vaughan, D.E.W.
  Title: High silica zeolite ECR-30 and process for preparing it
  Reference: Eur. Patent, , 315,461 (1989)
  Authors: Newsam, J.M., Treacy, M.M.J., Vaughan, D.E.W., Strohmaier, K.G. and Mortier, W.J.
  Title: The structure of zeolite ZSM-20: mixed cubic and hexagonal stackings of faujasite sheets
  Reference: Chem. Commun., , 493-495 (1989)
  Authors: Delprato, F., Delmotte, L., Guth, J.L. and Huve, L.
  Title: Synthesis of new silica-rich cubic and hexagonal faujasites using crown-ether-based supramolecules as templates
  Reference: Zeolites, 10, 546-552 (1990)
  Authors: Baerlocher, Ch., McCusker, L.B. and Chiappetta, R.
  Title: Location of the 18-crown-6 template in EMC-2 (EMT). Rietveld refinement of the calcined and as-synthesized forms
  Reference: Microporous Materials, 2, 269-280 (1994)
  Authors: Georgieva, V., Vicente, A., Fernandez, C., Retoux, R., Palčić, A., Valtchev, V. and Mintova, S
  Title: Control of Na-EMT Zeolite Synthesis by Organic Additives
  Reference: Cryst. Growth Des., 15, 1898-1906 (2015)

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