Database of Zeolite Structures

Framework Type LAU

  Authors: Lapham, D.L.
  Title: Leonhardite and laumontite in diabase from Dillsburg, Pennsylvania
  Reference: Am. Mineral., 48, 683-689 (1963)
  Authors: Bartl, H. and Fischer, K.
  Title: Untersuchung der Kristallstruktur des Zeolithes Laumontit
  Reference: N. Jb. Miner. Mh., , 33-42 (1967)
  Authors: Amirov, S.T., Ilyukhin, V.V. and Belov, N.V.
  Reference: Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR, 174, 667- (1967)
  Authors: Schramm, V. and Fischer
  Title: Refinement of the crystal structure of Laumontite
  Reference: Adv. Chem. Ser. , 101, 259-265 (1971)
  Authors: Artioli, G., Smith, J.V. and Kvick, Å
  Title: Single-crystal neutron-diffraction study of partially dehydrated laumontite at 15K
  Reference: Zeolites, 9, 377-391 (1989)
  Authors: Artioli, G. and Ståhl, K.
  Title: Fully Hydrated Laumontite - A Structure Study by Flat-Plate and Capillary Powder Diffraction Techniques
  Reference: Zeolites, 17, 249-255 (1993)
  Authors: Chippindale, A.M. and Walton, R.I.
  Title: Synthesis- and characterisation of the first three-dimensional framework cobalt gallium phosphate [C5H5NH](+)[CoGa2P3O12](-)
  Reference: Chem. Commun., , 2453-2454 (1994)
  Authors: Bond, A.D., Chippindale, A., Cowley, A.R., Readman, J.E. and Powell, A.V.
  Title: Synthesis and characterisation of transition-metal-substituted gallium phosphates with the laumontite structure
  Reference: Zeolites, 19, 326-333 (1997)
  Authors: Stolz, J. and Armbruster, T.
  Title: X-ray single-crystal structure refinement of Na,K-rich laumontite, originally designated 'primary leonhardite"
  Reference: N. Jb. Miner. Mh., , 131-144 (1997)
  Authors: Baur, W.H., Joswig, W., Fursenko, B.A. AND Belitsky, I.A.
  Title: Symmetry reduction of the aluminosilicate framework of LAU topology by ordering of exchangeable cations: the crystal structure of primary leonhardite with a primitive Bravai lattice
  Reference: Eur. J. Mineral., 9, 1173-1182 (1997)
  Authors: Ghobarkar, H. and Schaef, O.
  Title: Hydrothermal synthesis of laumontite, a zeolite
  Reference: Microporous Mesoporous Mat., 23, 55-60 (1998)

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