Database of Zeolite Structures

Framework Type RUT

  Authors: Whittam, T.V. and Youll, B.
  Title: Zeolite Nu-1
  Reference: U.S. Patent 4,060,590, , (1977)
  Authors: Bellussi, G., Millini, R., Carati, A., Maddinelli, G. and Gervasini, A.
  Title: Synthesis and Comparative Characterization of Al, B, Ga, and Fe Containing Nu-1-Type Zeolitic Framework
  Reference: Zeolites, 10, 642-649 (1990)
  Authors: Patarin, J., Caullet, P., Marler, B., Faust, A.-C., Guth, J.-L.
  Title: Synthesis and characterization of zeolite Nu-1 prepared from near-neutral fluoride aluminosilicate gels
  Reference: Zeolites, 14, 675 (1994)
  Authors: Broach, R.W., McGuire, N.K., Chao, C.C. and Kirchner, R.M.
  Title: Direct methods structure determination from synchrotron powder diffraction data of a new clathrasil, TMA silicate
  Reference: J. Phys. Chem. Solids, 56, 1363-1368 (1995)
  Authors: Gies, H. and Rius, J.
  Title: Ab-initio structure determination of zeolite RUB-10 from low resolution X-ray powder diffraction data
  Reference: Z. Kristallogr., 210, 475-480 (1995)

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