Database of Zeolite Structures
Measured XRD Pattern for B-SSZ-58 as-made (SFG)

Data details
Data supplied by
Stef Smeets
Laboratory of Crystallography
ETH ZurichZurich (Switzerland)
Data collection
Instrument used: Materials Science Beamline, Swiss Light Source, Villigen, Switzerland (MYTHEN II detector)
Radiation: Synchrotron
Wavelength: 0.774920Å
"Locating organic guests in inorganic host materials from X-ray powder diffraction data"
Smeets, S., McCusker, L.B., Baerlocher,Ch., Elomari, S., Xie, D. and Zones, S.I.
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 138, 7099-7106, (2016)
Diffration data for B-SSZ-58 as-made as a text file
A cif of the crystal structure refined using these data
A second cif showing an idealized ordered arrangment of the SDA
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