Database of Zeolite Structures

Framework Type MEL

  Authors: Kokotailo, G.T., Chu, P., Lawton, S.L. and Meier, W.M.
  Title: Synthesis and structure of synthetic zeolite ZSM-11
  Reference: Nature, 275, 119-120 (1978)
  Authors: Bibby, D.M., Milestone, N.B. and Aldridge, L.P.
  Title: Silicalite-2, a silica analogue of the aluminosilicate zeolite ZSM-11
  Reference: Nature, 280, 664-665 (1979)
  Authors: Taramasso, M., Manara, G., Fattore, V. and Notari, B.
  Reference: GB Patent 2,024,790, , (1980)
  Authors: Perego, G. and Cesari, M.
  Title: Ordered and Disordered Structures in Borosilicates with a Pentasil-Type Framework
  Reference: J. Appl. Crystallogr., 17, 403-410 (1984)
  Authors: Fyfe, C.A., Gies, H., Kokotailo, G.T., Pasztor, C., Strobl, H. and Cox, D.E.
  Title: Detailed investigation of the lattice structure of zeolite ZSM-11 by a combination of solid-state NMR and synchrotron x-ray diffraction techniques
  Reference: J. Am. Chem. Soc., 111, 2470-2474 (1989)
  Authors: Fyfe, C.A., Feng, Y., Grondey, H., Kokotailo, C.T., Mar, A.
  Title: Natural Abundance, Two-Dimensional 29Si MAS NMR Investigation of the Three-Dimensional Bonding Connectivities in the High- and Low-Temperature Forms of Zeolite ZSM-11
  Reference: J. Phys. Chem, 95, 3747-3751 (1991)
  Authors: Reddy, J.S. and Kumar, R.
  Title: Crystallization kinetics of a new titanium silicate with MEL structure (TS-2)
  Reference: Zeolites, 12, 95-100 (1992)
  Authors: Terasaki, O., Ohsuna, T., Sakuma, H., Watanabe, D., Nakagawa, Y. and Medrud, R.C.
  Title: Direct observation of “pure MEL type” zeolite
  Reference: Chem. Mater., 8, 463-468 (1996)
  Authors: Hochgräfe, M., Marler, B., Gies, H., Fyfe, C.A., Feng, Y., Grondey, H., Kokotailo, G.T.
  Title: The structure of the low temperature (20 K) form of zeolite ZSM-11 derived from 29Si MAS NMR spectroscopy, lattice energy minimization and Rietveld refinement
  Reference: Z. Kristallogr., 211, 221-227 (1996)
  Authors: Nakagawa, Y. and Dartt, C.
  Title: Pure phase titanium-cntaining zeolite having MEL structure, process and preparing same, and oxidation processes using same as catalyst
  Reference: U.S. Patent 5,968,474, , (1999)
  Authors: van Koningsveld, H., den Exter, M.J., Koegler, J.H., Laman, C.D., Njo, S.L. and Graafsma, H.
  Title: Single crystal structure analysis of a microcrystal of ZSM-11 using synchrotron X-ray data
  Reference: Proc. 12th Int. Zeolite Conf., IV, pp. 2419-2424 (1999)
  Authors: Piccione, P.M. and Davis, M.E.
  Title: A new structure-directing agent for the synthesis of pure-phase ZSM-11
  Reference: Microporous Mesoporous Mat., 49, 163-169 (2001)

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