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To search for names (or words) with special (non-English) characters, use the wildcard character '%',
e.g. Díaz-Cabañas  >  D%az-Caba%as
The wildcard character can stand for more than one character, e.g. M%ller will find Muller, Müller and Mueller (and Miller)
If you need to be more specific, you can use the following encoding

Special character encode with Examples
ä ä Fälth  >  Fälth
ö ö Hovmöller  >  Hovmöller
ü ü Müller  >  Müller
å å Ståhl  >  Ståhl
é é Fornés  >  Fornés
è è  
í í Díaz-Cabañas  >  Díaz-Cabañas
ñ ñ Díaz-Cabañas  >  Díaz-Cabañas
ç ç  
š š